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Max Rodriguez


About Me

I've been doing software development as a hobby since 2018 and intend to learn and create software for a living in the near future. Since, I have been exploring new technologies such as cloud computing and modern server operating systems such as Windows Server and Linux.


I am currently enrolled at Glendale Community College and working towards an
Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) in Computer Programming and Systems Analysis degree.

My Skills

  • Bilingual; Fluent in both English and Spanish
  • Experienced on Object-Oriented Programming
  • Strong knowledge of Rust, C++, Python, and JS/TS
  • 3 Years of experience using GNU/Linux systems
  • 4 years of experience using Git VCS and Github
  • Basic experience with Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Skills

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My Portfolio

Memories for GNOME

A photo and video album application for GNOME. This project helped me start learning the GTK4 GUI widget toolkit and its underlying libraries that are the foundation for the GNOME desktop.

Link to Project Repository

Donet Network Engine

The Donet software project is a free and open-source recreation of Disney's OTP (Online Theme Park) server, which was used from 2001 to 2013 for Disney Interactive's online massive multiplayer games, such as Toontown Online, Pirates of the Carribean Online, Cars Online, and others.

Link to Donet website

Vulkray 3D Game Engine

In July of 2022, I started to explore computer 3D graphics and learn how traditional 3D graphics worked using hardware acceleration. The 3D engine makes use of the graphics processor using the Vulkan graphics API and GLSL.

Link to Open Source project

Poparazzi Private Web API

In June 2022, I built my first open source API implementation using TypeScript. This project documents and implements the private Web API and streaming API for the Poparazzi social media platform and mobile app.

Link to Open Source project

Garmin Watch App

This is a Garmin watchface application I built using the Garmin SDK and the Monkey C language. It's a simple watchface application I made for myself, which currently has around 13,000 downloads.

Link to Garmin Application

Twitter Automation

This is a twitter media bot I developed using Python. This was my first experience using a public Rest API and learnt how to use a Python module to request from an API endpoint and use that information to automatically generate posts and publish media.

Link to Project Source Code